celebrate the accomplishments of all those who dedicated their lives to making Mopars special

Back in 2012, MCG made the commitment to celebrate the accomplishments of all those who dedicated their lives to making Mopars special by creating the Mopar Hall of Fame. It's hard to believe that it's been nine years since the MHOF began, and we haven't even come close to etching all of the deserved names into bricks salvaged from the Lynch Road and Hamtramck assembly plants, that we create to honor all hall of famers. When you think of all of the different types of accomplishments that went into making Mopar the iconic brand we know today, it's almost unfathomable how many hours of blood, sweat, and tears, it has taken to make "Mopar" a household word all around the world.

When the MHOF began, we envisioned it as a banquet, held once a year, where we could get the inductees and fans together for an incredible night of sharing memories and showing our appreciation. For seven years, MCG brought our heroes to the MHOF banquet, which was held in conjunction with Chryslers at Carlisle in Pennsylvania. We were acutely aware that time was not on our side, as many deserved individuals were advancing in age. At the end of 2018, it became more than obvious we were losing the battle, and many of those we were inducting into the MHOF were too old or sick to travel and attend the event. A crossroads, of sorts, had been reached, and we needed to figure out how to move forward.

There are several trains of thoughts here; Chryslers at Carlisle fully understands the importance of honoring Mopar's past, so of course, they would love to have the MHOF, in some form or fashion, going on during their event. The thinking here is that it's time to go out to Mopar Hall of Fame nominees and capture their stories on video before it's too late. Perhaps we can find a mix of both ideas in the future. Covid-19 made the decision of what to do for 2020 regrettably easy. This month, we continue the MHOF by honoring the inductees in the pages of MCG.

We'd love to hear your ideas of what you'd like the MHOF to look like going forward, so don't hesitate to give us your thoughts. In the meantime, here are the inductees for 2020.

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"MCG" is not me, nor the guys and gals in the office that work hard each month delivering a great read - it's a large number of businesses and subscribers that make MCG what it is. It will be the MCG community that's steps up to make this Mopar Hall of Fame possible.

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